Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How To Choose Your College?

Finishing the high-school is one achievement that must be followed by one of the first major choices which is the university or college, a decision that will affect the coming several years in the life. Students should consider their ambitions before selecting a college or university, as when a scholar is loving to travel, he should consider to attend a school that offers semester abroad programs, especially those that offer college credits, and students who are anxious to receive real-world work experience should examine an institution's internship and job placement services.
Factors that influence the decision of the college are very important and critical and there are some important factors that should not be overlooked in the decision making process as:
-          Commitment to major field: Choosing a college is not about its reputation for specific programs unless there is a strongly committed to one major. However, if the student is likely to change his mind a few times, the best way is to choose a college where he can take time to explore all his options. Not only the commitment to a specific program, but also whether the college adequately prepares students for continuing their education and insight into the probability of follow-through for academic goals or not.
-          School Size: If the student to faculty ratio is reasonable, students analyze the overall size of the college. This can play a huge role in their comfort level, and in how well they fit in.
-          Jobs Right Out of College: Some colleges have excellent job placement programs, assisting their students in making the transition from a student to an employee, and helping them find jobs after graduation.
-          Curriculum: Different universities offer different programs with their curriculum. Some other colleges have a more open curriculum, allowing students to have much greater flexibility while choosing the courses they take.
-          Quality of Department of Study: In addition to investigating the quality of professors, students review the quality of the department for their area of study. Also If they want to study abroad, considering how many study abroad programs are offered at a specific college and which countries are included in the programs are the main factors, as studying abroad is a unique opportunity to study internationally by transferring credits.
-          Extracurricular Activities: Considering both the number and variety offered at the college as recreational sports including the percentage of athletes, fan participation and team rankings, as well as the volunteer groups.
-          Alumni Network: Staying connected to the fellow alumni no matter where life takes them, by considering the size of a school’s alumni association “If life takes you around the world, it will be nice to know that you have connections, no matter where you go”. Additionally, a strong alumni network is essential for students in job hunting process for great career fields.
-          Transportation: Whether the university offers transportation around campus or not. Besides considering the number of students who have cars on campus, as well as the costs and availability of campus parking.
-          Financial Aid Qualification: Some universities are more likely to hand out student aid than others by examining the types of financial aid packages available to enrolled students.
-          Working Students: Many college students work while they attend college, but some colleges have a higher number of working students by offering work-study opportunities (Co-op) for students and encouraging them more than others.

Looking for the perfect college can be difficult, but you can simplify the process by focusing on important goals for your college career. Analyzing each of these elements for every college on your list is not important as just picking the most important ones, based on your needs. It will take some time and effort, but at the end, you’ll know that you picked the best college for you.
Many Colleges are offering most of these features like the CIC; as it is always keen for offering the important features any student is looking for likem the quality of the study and the qualified professors, also the transportation, alumni network and co-op program that allows its students to enter the real work environment and much more.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I think it’s great that you took the time to compare and contrast these colleges. As an alumnus I can say that choosing a college isn’t easy, nor is it a fast decision to make. You have to take into account if the school offers your major, how much for tuition and other fees, if you want to commute or live on campus, how far from home it is, what extracurricular activities and so forth. I live in Jersey and attended a private Catholic high school, so I considered Catholic colleges in PA and Delaware as well as nonreligious schools in those areas. There’s a lot to take into consideration so be careful in the selection process is what I tell those who are enrolling.

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