Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mahmoud Yacoub in The World Championship Games

3 Gold Medals with a stark winning in the Qualifications World Champion Games for swimming is the result of 9 weeks of practice in El Ahly Club.

Mahmoud Yacoub achieved the world record that has been recorded by the world Egyptian swimming champion  “Ahmed Essam” in 2009, Yacoub is looking forward to break it in the world Swimming championship in September 2012.

Yacoub’s winning made an impact as no one expected his victory because of the fierce competition between Arab Countries; Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and others. Yacoub said that his goal was to go home with the gold medal so he practiced for 9 weeks mornings and afternoons.

Yacoub is studying Engineering in the Canadian InternationalCollege (CIC). He stated that CIC has been supporting him academically and pushing him forward. CIC is boastful to graduate such inspiring and  ambitious student

CIC believes in the importance of giving deserving students assistance with their academic fees through a wide range of scholarships for ,athletic, academic, and cultural achievements. 

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