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The graduates are celebrating one of the best moments in their lives

Cairo, July 15, 2012 – It's undoubtedly a day to remember, Canadian International College (CIC) and Cape Breton University (CBU) Celebrated the fifth Class of graduates, Class 2012, with over 150 graduates in Business Administration, Technology Information, Engineering, Engineering Technology and Mass Communication and this was at the Fairmont Hotel, Canyon Ballroom on 15th July 2012.

The celebration this year came with a particular edge of excitement as it coincides with some important achievements for CIC mainly, the opening of the new CIC Campus in sheikh Zayed, 6th October City, introducing two new majors in the School of Engineering – Mechatronics and Architecture  and finally, graduating the first batch of our Mass Comm School.

The Convocation was attended by several renowned figures in the field of education, media and representatives of the various embassies in Egypt. In addition, a delegation from Cape Breton University headed by the University President and Vice Chancellor, Dr. John Harker and the CBU Deans: John McKinnon, Dean of Business and Dean David McCorquodale, Dean of Science and Technology attended this important event. The Canadian Embassy in Egypt was also represented as Dr. Tarek Abdel Meguied, Canadian Trade Commissioner & Senior Education Specialist, attended on behalf of the Canadian Ambassador, who happened to be outside the country at the date, and gave a warm address to the graduating class highlighting the strong cooperation ties between Egypt and Canada especially in the field of Education.

Dr. Magdy El Kady, CIC President, gave a speech at this important event in which he emphasized the important role of Education and the new generation in building the new Republic and said: “Dear Grads, Egypt’s youth (and you were part of them) led the 25th of January revolution with courage, a soaring spirit, unprecedented initiative, and a high level of organization and determination for change. Egypt’s youth proved during the revolution that they are this country engine for construction and hope.

Your strong will and persistence is what will make a difference. , we are here today because every single one of you stood tall and said, “Yes, we can.” Yes, we can learn. Yes, we can succeed. You decided you would be defined by where you want to go, by what you want to achieve, by the dreams you hope to fulfill. Keep up this spirit, keep pushing, keep learning, keep excelling in your fields, this what will  make a difference in your lives not just for your own success but for the success of our second republic .. The new Egypt.”

Dr. Magdy, also took this opportunity to publicly thank Cape Breton University Faculty and staff for their distinguished mutual cooperation, understanding and dedication that made our partnership a real success that we are reaping its fruits today

During the Convocation, a short documentary film was presented in memory of all the martyrs who offered their souls to the birth of our new Egypt and to celebrate the achievements of the revolution above which was choosing our new president through free elections and stressing the important of unity and strong will in bridging the coming important transitional period.

CIC special honor awards was presented during the event to Dr. John Harker, for being an advocate of innovation in education, for bridging Canada & Egypt and embracing CIC as a major partner in CBU’s internationalization. The second award was to the name of Mr. Labib Al- Sebaei, the eminent journalist and former chairman of Al Ahram News paper, for his immense dedication & support of “education development” in mainstream media that made it one of the imperative objectives in the government’s agenda today.

The ceremony ended by a slide show of the grads memories at CIC, a short trip events of four or five years that left the student, parents and audience at large in touching emotion and tears as they see a chapter of their life ends and a new one opens with a lot of hopes, anticipation and great expectations. CIC graduation ceremony was a real celebration of a great accomplishment that presents to the Egyptian Community, a patch of professional grad who we all wish will be telling a compelling story of excellence and will put a building block in building our new Egypt. 

In Fact, Since its foundation in 2004, Canadian International College has been the Premier College and the exclusive provider of Canadian education in Egypt. CIC offers programs in Business, Business Information Technology, Engineering, and Mass Communication. CIC is the Cairo Campus for; the University of Ottawa & Cape Breton University and has an articulation agreement with University of Windsor, all three esteemed universities provided Canadian degrees in association with its CIC counterpart.  CIC enables students to benefit from a solid Canadian curriculum, whilst being here in Cairo. Students engage in interactive classes and gain an insight into a variety of teaching methods supported by a strong Academic Faculty. CIC is unique in that it offers students the opportunity to travel for student exchange programs or to study abroad and continue their education in Canada and increases the graduates' opportunity to work at any multinational company anywhere in the world.

Throughout the student life-time at CIC students are supported through our CO-OP Program to encourage them to enhance their soft skills and gain as much work experience as possible at infamous companies and they are provided with recognized opportunities to enroll in such programs such as AIESEC and are encouraged to enter competitions both nationally and internationally to build up a reputable CV ready for when they graduate. CIC’s promise to its students is to assist them in graduating as a professional by really ‘Learning the Canadian Way’ combining students with both a solid educational back bone as well as equipping them with the necessary skills for a competitive market place which they will find themselves when they graduate.

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