Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Worlds’ Second Best Inventor Joins CIC

Tarek Mahmoud is the world’s second best inventor, he is only 18 years old and he made seven remarkable inventions with over one hundred and twenty scientific researches in addition to two patents for two inventions.

Tarek started making the first invention when he was eleven years old, his parents saw his talent when he was only two years old, they noticed that he plays with toys and tools and assemble the toy parts and disassemble them again, he was interested in how things work.
Tarek Said” My teacher saw in me the ability of deduction and he supported me by giving me modern science books and build a conclusion to become an invention one day that could benefit the whole world”.

Tarek won the Silver Medal in the Kuwait Science Club Competition last year for his invention that could resolve the global warming problem. Tarek also has a variety of remarkable scientific activities; he is a member of the Egyptian inventors union, member of Arab inventors club, member of Egyptian society of inventors, member of the team monitoring the lunar eclipse from the observatory and President of the system “the global warming real solutions by the Egyptian inventor"

He had many interviews on TV introducing his inventions and what they do and how can they benefit the world. He got two patents for two inventions “ The Fire Alarm” number (2010/702) and “Resolve the Global Warming Problem” and take advantage of its Adverse Effects” (2011/342).

Tarek Mahmoud is a valuable inventor not just to Egypt but to the whole world and as for him to keep working and developing his inventions and to contribute to the world, he chose CIC-Canadian International College- to study Engineering -Manufacturing/Mechanical Major- the dual program that gives him the Egyptian and Canadian bachelor degree accredited from CBU- Cape Breton University-which gives him the chance to transfer to Canada and study there. He also received a Full Scholarship from CIC for his inventions superiority and academic success.

CIC encourages talented students in all fields and seeks to develop their potential and train them relevant to the marketplace to graduate fully equipped and ready to work.

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