Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fab Lab Egypt Promotes Innovation & Creativity To Students

Fab Lab is an Egyptian NGO that has a plan in extending fabrication labs all over Egypt targeting schools and university students together with young entrepreneurs, to be serving the whole Egyptian community. Fab Labs were born at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In Fab Lab you can learn everything about digital fabrication from 2D/3D modeling to electronics and fabrication by the available electronic tools, laser cutter, 3D Printer and CNC milling machine. It will take you from the concept design till a final prototype. Also you can find people whom you can work together and share knowledge.
Source: Facebook.com/fablab.egypt

Innovation and Creativity are the main concepts that Fab Lab supports. It’s an excellent chance to see your project comes to reality like too many projects and events that were held by Fab Lab like the ilamp workshop, the daily exhibition and fanoos Ramadan competition. The positive competitive environment help the members to be more creative and encourage them to exploit their potential skills.

CIC students can take apart of the Fab Lab and contribute in encouraging the idea of creative thinking and implementation. Engineering students must not hesitate to join such NGOs to implement their electronic or practical project and turns it into reality. The gained experience will help the student to be an effective part of the field of work.

CIC aims to graduate every student not only as a professional but also with tangible experience from the real field of work. By joining Fab Lab CIC is encouraging the students to be part of the culture of creation, invention and exploration in Egypt.

So, come on CICians let’s learn ,engage and change !

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