Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Interview With Google

Dina Ashraf and Dalia Ashraf students at the Canadian International College interviewed Mr. Wael Fakharany Google’s Regional Manager in Egypt, which was published in TeenStuff Magazine on November 2011.The interview was about Mr. Wael Fakharany & his secretes to success he said that” the secret behind any success is falling in love with what you do and immediately you’ll become successful”.

Google is an international search engine company that cares about entrepreneurs & sustainable business.ابدأ” with Google. 

Google’s competition launched in Egypt on September 2011 until May 2012. It is a competition to discover Egyptian entrepreneurs and encourage them to achieve their dreams by creating a feasible business model. Google aims to fulfill these goals by partnering with a local NGO “Science Age Society” and a technology incubator to manage the competition and reward the winning company with funding to fulfill their financial needs with a maximum of up to $200,000. “By2olak” service was the final winner with the $200.000, it is a mobile application that tells you whether there is traffic in certain streets and bridges www.by2olak.com .

Dina & Dalia asked Mr. Wael Fakharay about his dreams for the ابدأ” with Google competition he said that” I want the next Facebook or Google to come from Egypt, because we believe in technology and I’ve seen it changes lives. I’d like all technology companies to build the entrepreneurship spirit in the country. If this happens, over a few years, Egypt will witness a major transformation”.

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