Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CIC’s Annual Mock Interview

Going for an interview is tough and it’s an essential step for your career. And that’s why CIC is always keen on helping its students and Alumni to be prepared for it in today’s competitive marketplace.
The Mock Interview is an annual event held by CIC to assess the potential graduates' strengths and  weaknesses. It was an asset for them to know their weakness points and how to improve and develop them before going for a real interview.
111 Students participated in this interview with 12 of the largest companies in Egypt including: Pepsico, Microsoft, Leoni, Agility Logistics, Qube Consulting, IBM, IMI, Linatel, Wasla Outsourcing, Giza Systems, Mobinil and El-Kharafi Group.

Each student got an assessment for his or her performance in the interview and two CIC’s Business Administration students received job offers. Nabil El-Gendy received 2 job offers at Leoni and IMI as well as Ibrahim Fakher got an offer at Agility Logistics.
CIC assist students throughout multiple development sessions to equip them with the skills needed in today's market. 

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