Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CIC Wins 2nd Place in Samsung’s Football Tournament

The Canadian International College’s (CIC) football team won second place in Samsung’s 3rd annual Ramadan tournament. A total of 30 teams participated in the 78 game tournament that was well organized by Africa Sports. Some of the companies that participated were Ferrari, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, TE data, Etisalat, and Hewlett Packard.
CIC’s students’ team scored an overall 22 goals whereas its staff team scored 15 goals ad reached the quarter finals which can be attributed to the team players and Captain Ahmed Hamoksha – the Athletics Director.
Tarek Magdy and Amr Amen from the students’ team scored 5 goals each and Amr El Rayes from the staff’s team scored 4 goals. CIC is grateful to have such inspiring and ambitious students and employees and encourages all students to participate in the sports on & off campus.

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