Sunday, December 16, 2012

CIC For a Day

The Canadian International College (CIC) is organizing the annual event “CIC for a day” for all high schools at the beginning of each year. Every year CIC  invites high schools for a campus tour to learn more about the college and its programs and get to experience how it’s like at CIC.
The students also have motivational sessions presented by CICian Mahmoud Yacoub – the Egyptian Swimmer. These sessions covered two main issues; how to be successful and how to set and achieve goals. Also they had an orientation session about the CIC and its Canadian learning way.
At the end of the day they played tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, ping-pong & billiards.
“CIC for a day” is an event to let high school students become a CICian for a day and experience the campus life.

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